Philadelphia Housing Authority Rebranding

Rights reserved to Philadelphia Housing Authority

In a relatively cut and dry non-profit housing industry, the Philadelphia Housing Authority wanted to be seem as the step-above in contracting and structural artistry. Witty messaging complimented a corporate brand while maintaining a refined aesthetic as you can see on the annual report up above.

Internal Newsletter

A newsletter was sent out monthly to every employee, but the previous version was lacking in readability and variety of stories. The creative department was put to the task of rebranding and getting the reader excited about receiving these every month. New colors, typography and layout style were implemented and the newsletter was an instant success.

Resident Newspaper

The agency has a quarterly newspaper it sends out to its residents to keep them updated with current news, updates on new projects and feature stories on some of the residents. The goal of this piece was to spread information to more people across Philadelphia using a cleaner and eye-catching design.