bu-Q Smart Plant Vase & App

It all started many years ago when I realized that keeping a small plant alive was almost an impossible task for someone like me. This challenge then became a huge component of my MBA thesis, while I was searching for a business model that would put technology to the service of solving a daily problem.

After a broad environmental research, in an attempt to identify trends and gaps that would serve as a starting point for the project, sociocultural factors related to the pursuit of well-being and healthiness caught my attention, and bu-Q was born.

Cultural Tendencies

Sustainability is gaining increasing importance in society, which is aware of the need to preserve the environment. This trend tends only to increase and private enterprises seem to have started taking steps towards making their production workflow more sustainable. These businesses are sure to advertise this “green approach” to their clients, because they understand it’s a meaningful way to generate value for their brands.


Positioned primarily in the market of decorative pots, bu-Q targets men and women from 20 to 40 years of age with over $75,000/year household income, who seek through technology, innovation and simplicity, a substantial increase in quality of life and provides a new kind of interaction between man and nature.

Persona – “Amanda”

Amanda is 26 years old, graduated in journalism and lives with her boyfriend in an apartment in downtown. She already has plants at home, but has little to no time to take care of them and even less time to turn taking care of plants into a hobby. Often her plants die due to lack of attention.

She spends much of her day connected to social networks through her tablet and smartphone. The content presented in this type of media has a great influencing role in her decision-making as a consumer.

Amanda values products with out-of-the-box design, customized consumer experience and self-expression. She also enjoys contact with nature, but is afraid to buy plants or animals for fear of not being able to take care of them right.


Final Product

A smart vase with attractive design and a built-in wireless device that, in addition to brightly decorating the environment, will help people take better care of their plants through an easy-to-use app. A vase built for a niche that desires differentiation, self-expression and well-being.