Inspired By Real Users Campaign

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To start this campaign, the company released three videos inspired by true stories of its customers. In about one minute, we follow each character through the emotions of their hair loss journey, treatment and how it brought on new found confidence to do more and more. Check out two of the videos from the campaign below.

Landing Page

A fundamental aspect of conversion centered design is message match, which is the ability of a landing page to accurately reflect the messaging presented on the upstream ad. The next step in the campaign was to create an engaging landing page to reinforce the objective of the videos quickly and clearly while supporting the digital ads strategy. Click here to view the landing page.

Landing Page Mockup

Digital Marketing

Brand consistency isn’t just about being memorable. It’s about building trust with your potential customers. Imagine this: a user sees you on Facebook, then keeps browsing. You no longer have a cold sale to make when it comes to clicking on your sponsored search or your social media posts. There’s some brand awareness there–your prospect already has some exposure to your brand. The Inspired By Campaign ran through multiple outlets and generated a 10% increase in sales month over month.

Digital Marketing Campaign